30 wondrous activities in Philippines

​With a friendly population and fun-loving sights, the Philippines has become one of the finest tourist destinations on offer right now. It has a certain appeal to it that draws people in and makes them want to spend weeks in the country. If the goal is to enjoy good weather and spend time near the beaches then it’s best to take a look at what the Philippines is all about.

Here are the top 30 things to do for those ready to make the most of their trip over to this beautiful part of the world.

1) San Agustin Church

This is a gorgeous church in the heart of Manila City and is also home to world-class cultural exhibits. Those looking to soak up a little bit of local history should spend time here. It’s a soothing, vibrant location that has a certain ambiance to it that’s impossible to ignore. Tourists always have a good time here and it deserves a spot in your itinerary.

The structure is breathtaking and has an appeal to it that’s worth every second that’s spent there. 


2) Manilla Bay  

Taking a stroll along Manila Bay is one of those experiences everyone should have the pleasure of enjoying. There’s tranquility associated with walking around this part of the Philippines and it’s well worth the time that’s spent getting to it. Located in Manila City, this is a breathtaking sight and provides a beautiful look at the area around it.  

People often come here during the evenings as a way to see the sunset. It can be quite the experience especially for those seeing it for the first time.

The gentle nature of this bay and all that it has to offer will please almost anyone. It’s a great way to end the evening.

3) Cebu Heritage Monument

Cebu is a historic part of the Philippines and comes along with several gorgeous monuments. One of the more well-regarded monuments in the nation would be this one. It’s a magical setting with a considerable amount of history dripping from every corner. Simply taking a look around is more than enough to appreciate all that has happened in this part of the country.

The monument is made out of steel, concrete, and bronze making it a fascinating sight for everyone to look at.

There’s a charm to it unlike any other and that’s what draws people in as they visit Cebu.

4) Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary

This outdoor reserve is a thing of beauty and appeals to one’s natural senses. There’s an elegance to this area that can be unexplainably beautiful from the moment one takes a peek. From the gorgeous wildlife to the amazing sights, there’s a calmness to this sanctuary that is difficult to find in other parts of the Philippines.

Loads of tourists spend time in the sanctuary because it allows them to soak in the beauty of what this nation has to offer. This butterfly sanctuary is one of a kind and offers something truly unique.

5) National Park of Quezon Memorial Circle

This park is unique because of its location. It is in the heart of a traffic circle but is a fascinating sight as soon as you arrive. Being able to walk around the national park while enjoying the sights can be quite the experience. It is something other national parks are rarely able to provide. Most people come over to lounge around and simply watch as everything moves along around them.

The nighttime brings along with it a unique array of colors making it stunningly appealing as a national park.

6) Snake Island

This is one of those places that allow you to enjoy views that wouldn’t be possible in other areas. You can head over to the viewing deck and see everything around you for a long distance. Loads of people head over to this part of the Philippines to snorkel and become one with the water around them.


The water here is crystal clear and it has a definite elegance to it people fall in love with. This is essential when it comes to seeing the heart of natural beauty in the Philippines.

7) Maginhawa Food Park

Want to eat good food while traveling?

It’s okay to visit as many sights as you want to but it’s also important to make sure you’re eating well. This is why Maginhawa Food Park is a winner.


It is home to some of the nation’s finest delicacies and will leave your mouth watering in a matter of seconds. People from all over love lounging here at this food park because it is a great way to fill up.

You can enjoy world-class dishes without having to move. It is all in one place and you can make the most of it during your trip.

8) Mt. Apo

The visual sight of Mt. Apo is enough to showcase its dominance in the area. This potentially active volcano is a fascinating natural element associated with the area and it has a true aura to it.

Being able to get close to it as a way to see what’s around it can be fun. It’s something to put on your list of things to do as soon as you can. People love getting closer to the main area as a way to see how Mt. Apo is situated.

It has a dominant appearance as it sits close to 3,000 meters high.

9) D’ Bone Collector Museum

Museums are always a wonderful place to go while on a trip and this is among the best on offer. The reason this is such a cherished museum and has earned praise from foreign experts has to do with the fossils. You can go through several different fossils associated with species from the nearby area.

This localized museum has a unique element to it that is heartwarming.

The staff pays attention to detail every step of the way and makes sure tourists feel at home as they go from room to room.

10) Cudugnon Cave

This cave is a thing of beauty and it opens up to some of the more enriching greenery a person is ever going to see. Most people will stick to traditional national parks and beaches but what about caves? What about getting close to something as beautiful as this? As a natural cave, this has a mystique to it that draws people in.

You will enjoy taking a look around at the nearby water and how it coexists with the cave.

Everything about the Cudugon Cave is worth the trip over to El Nido.

11) Tarsier Conservation Area

This conservation area is all about the greenery and being able to roam around without hindrance. The Tarsier Conservation Area is one of those parts that have a life of their own and scream elegance from every angle. Tourists often visit to take a look at wildlife such as the tarsiers and vegetation because it’s quite the conservation area and is spread from one end to the other.

These species have become a natural part of the Philippines and it’s never a bad idea to spend time with them.

The area has only grown over time and is now encompassing a significant amount of space while looking better with each passing day.

12) Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

This botanical garden is home to an amazing collection of greenery and wildlife. Being in such a wonderful spot, it also attracts people from all over as they observe what the area has to offer. With so much area to cover, it is a wildlife center that has a charm to it people can admit to falling in love with.


13) Roxas Avenue Night Market

The night market is impressive and it’s a good way to find fun deals around the area. You can walk through the night market, enjoy good food, and simply enjoy all that the market has to offer.

This is the real beauty of heading over to the Roxas Avenue Night Market.

Whether you are looking for food, jewelry, accessories, or shoes, there is always something for you to buy. The sellers are always ready to help and make sure you find a deal that’s well worth it.

14) Loboc Adventure Park

If you are hoping to get an adventure out of your time at the park then this is the place to go.

Loboc Adventure Park is a heralded spot for several different reasons. People will often come over to enjoy a bit of zip-lining while others don’t mind heading over to the river for fun-filled activities.

15) Tops Lookout

This is an observation spot that has earned praise around the nation and world. You can get an awe-inspiring look at the entire city from this spot and that can certainly blow you away.

it is a sight to see and it’s something you are going to be impressed with immediately.

From the amazing views to the great food, you will have a wonderful time at the Tops Lookout.

16) Virgin Mary Shrine in Matinloc Islands


This shrine is hidden in the forest and can be quite the expedition to reach. However, it is also a remarkable sight and was built in the early-80s as a way to show respect to the Virgin Mary.

It is a popular tourist site because of its design and location.


17) Tumalog Falls in Oslob

If you are into waterfalls then this has to be a good spot to visit. The layered falls are a unique look and offer something different from everything else in the city.

While it is a long trip out, it’s well worth it within minutes!

18) Batad Rice Terraces

Ever walked close to rice paddies?

Well, it is time to head over to the Batad Rice Terraces for a look at how it’s all done. The hillside view is inspiring and has the ability to induce a sense of calm as soon as one settles in.

The area is meticulously handled to make sure it’s well-manicured and appealing at the same time.

You are able to enjoy it at various times of the year and it remains a gorgeous sight throughout the journey.

19) Lake Kayangan

The sparkling water and amazing mountain wells make this an experience of a lifetime. Anyone that spends time at Lake Kayangan will realize what natural beauty is all about.

Everything about the scenic area is breathtaking.

It is filled with gorgeous qualities and most people love going underwater to take a look at the world above them. It makes everything look ten times more beautiful and it has a certain quality to it that is simply memorable.

20) Twin Beaches of Nacpan and Calitang

The twin beaches are great because there are several hidden gems spread throughout the area. Along with the wonderful beach areas, you are also able to take a look at some of the hidden trails that are available for those willing to walk around. You should be ready to become adventurous while here because there’s a lot to observe.

You are always going to find something to do while walking around since the paths are noticeable when you take your time.

Go with the idea of lounging and enjoying an adventure to get the most out of these twin beaches.

21) Lusong Coral Garden

This tourist attraction has a show-stopping ability with its impressive wildlife. When it comes to snorkeling and taking a look around the area, this has to be among the finest hotspots in the world. There is so much going on underwater and that makes it a fascinating spot to settle in and make the most of.

Tourists will often come during the warmer months to head into the comfortable waters here.

The Lusong Coral Garden is one of those spots that will continue to impress even if a person comes back again and again!

22) Mayon Volcano

This active volcano that erupted in 2018 has a dominating presence just like any other. It’s settled in Luzon and can be seen from miles away due to its impressive height.

The reason this is one of the more popular volcanos in the world has to do with its shape. The cone-like shape is almost perfect. No other volcano has such a pristine shape to it and that brings people in from all over the world for a peek.

Getting close to this volcano is always fun and thrilling at the same time.

23) Hundred Islands National Park

This national park is one of the more majestic ones in the nation and it has an appeal to it unlike any other. You can take a walk around the park and sight-see as much as you want without worry.


You can take a look at the refined greenery or the impressive wildlife that is scattered throughout the area. This is an experience you are not going to get in other national parks and that’s what makes it appealing.

You can settle in and find open spots around the park with great views.

24) Caohagan Island

The gentle ripple of island water is something you are never going to forget as the sun glistens in the sky. There are so many settings that seem like fairytales as you settle in and this is one of them. Everything about Caohagan Island is mesmerizing and it is going to take you into an element that you won’t want to come out of!

The crystal-clear water, wonderful sand, and breathtaking sights will ensure you have the time of your life while lounging away.

What more could you ever want as you visit the Philippines?

25) Lapu-Lapu

Named after the ruler, this is a good part of town to visit and has quite a few historic elements to it. Most people love walking around and enjoying the beautiful architecture while understanding more about what this area has gone through. Lapu-Lapu is a bustling area and it has a charm to it that other parts don’t.

People will often come over to take a look at the food options or different sights that are spread from one part to the other. A day here is always fun and can be a great way to relax.


26) Seven Commando Beach

This beach has some of the most gorgeous sand on the planet and it is breathtaking from all angles. Being able to settle on the sandy shores and enjoy a good book or sunbathe is more than enough for tourists. You can hear the rush of water as it caresses against the shoreline while making the most of El Nido’s great weather.

This is one of those places that is always fun to visit and you can’t go wrong with.

Being able to lounge on a beach in this country is one of those experiences everyone makes the most of.

27) Davao Crocodile Park

This animal park and zoo is an all-in-one way to learn more about different species. There are regular shows held at the location and tourists can get up, close, and personal with some of these beautiful creatures. Being able to walk around the area and look at the animals can be a great way to see what the Philippines is all about.

Most people never get the opportunity to get this close and there’s nothing better than heading over to the Davao Crocodile Park for a peek.

It can be a way to get closer to nature while enjoying fun-filled wildlife shows at the same time.

28) Baclayon Church

This is a historic church that has a unique design to it. Everyone that is in love with what this church has to offer will know there’s a certain quality to it.

The Baclayon Church is a peaceful building that is architecturally appealing and comes together to create an impressive experience. Tourists are recommended to head over during the afternoon to see what the beautiful church has to offer. They always have something going on and it also allows a way to cherish the overall structural elegance of this fascinating building.

29) Philippine Eagle Centre

Philippine eagles are endangered animals and this is a world-class conservation centre to protect them. If the goal is to see what the wildlife is like in the Philippines then it makes sense to put this on the itinerary.

The birds are gorgeous and pleasant to the eye while you learn more about their history as a species.

Anytime a person is visiting intending to see the nation’s wildlife then it’s best to know more about these birds. They remain an important part of the nation’s history and are worth looking at here.

30) Banol Beach

Going to the beach is always fun and the same applies to this one. Banol Beach is one of the more calming and aesthetically pleasing tourist spots in the region and it has earned praise for generations. There is a pleasant appeal to being able to spend time here because of the gorgeous weather and great sand.

Simply taking a walk along the shoreline and soaking up the sun is more than enough to make it a wonderful day out. For loads of people, this is what makes it a great spot that has a little bit of everything.

When it comes to beaches in the Philippines, this is a good one to put on the list of things to do.

Final Thoughts

The Philippines is one of those places that has a charm to it. The majestic beaches, beautiful weather, and wonderful people make it the place to be while roaming around. This is a region that is filled with entertaining things to do and it’s all about putting together a great itinerary. Those ready to plan are going to have the time of their lives as soon as they sit down to find the best places. With the places and things to do here, tourists will have the time of their lives and are going to enjoy it at an affordable price!

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